Dutch bakery reduces count discrepanices and increases hygiene


Bakkerij Feyenoord owner Yusef had problems with discrepancies between his cash register and expected totals. In addition, Yusef wanted a better, more hygienic way to handle cash while also serving customers his baked goods. He tried a different solution that did not work for him but then found the answer in Paypod™ pay station. His Paypod solution receives cash payments from customers and automatically makes change. Yusef eliminated discrepancies and increased store hygiene to serve his business and his customers better.

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Cash problems at the POS

At Bakkerij Feyenoord, customers enjoy Dutch, Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese bread, pastries, baklava and pizza, all prepared with the utmost care, every day. But the owner of the bakery, Yusuf, had problems with cash discrepancies at the point of sale. And because food is his business, he also wanted a more hygienic system for processing cash payments.

Yusef searched for a pay station on the internet, found one and purchased it. But after 8 months, he could not justify using it any longer. “It was really a headache,” Yusef said, “too many problems.” The difficulties of using the system outweighed any benefit.

Bakkerij Feyenoord uses Paypod Embedded to reduce discrepancies and increase hygiene.

Paypod is amazing. It returns the money as fast as I would do manually!

Paypod surpassed all expectations

Yusef met Nevzat, the owner of CermePOS systems, and explained the issues he was having with the cash system he had purchased. Nevzat recommended a Paypod pay station and gave Yusef a demo at his place of business.

“It was for hard for me to believe that this product would be as good as they said,” Yusef told us, “because of my bad experience with the previous product.”

Yusef was finally convinced that he should give Paypod a chance. “I knew I could trust CermePOS and therefore took their advice,” he said. “And they surpassed all my expectations.”

Paypod Embedded helps Bakkerij Feyenoord accept cash payments reduce discrepancies increase hygiene

My customers are happy because the Paypod is fast and more hygienic. We are very happy with the solutions and service we’ve received.

Stable, fast and error-free operation

Yusef explained that while the system he purchased before Paypod was noisy, slow, and error prone, the Paypod solution is very quick. It returns the notes and coins at once and does not make any noise at all. “Paypod is amazing,” Yusef exclaimed, “it returns the money as fast as I would do manually!”

Paypod is connected to his bakery’s POS system, so there is no manual entry into Paypod. Yusef appreciates that Paypod is a very stable system with error-free operation, as he no longer struggles with daily discrepancies. And because the unit holds a large quantity of currency, he doesn’t need to worry about refilling it all the time.

Customers and staff are all happy with Paypod

“My customers are happy because the Paypod is fast,” Yusef says, “and it is more hygienic because fewer people handle the money.” That’s important to people now more than ever.

The bakery staff is happy, too, because they don't have to count the money and give it to the customers. “We are very happy with the solutions and service we’ve received,” said Jolanda, the bakery manager.

Yusef reiterated that what sold him on the system and the two things he likes best about Paypod are its speed and error-free operation. Both exceeded his expectations. For this reason, he says, “I have already recommended Paypod to dozens of people.”

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