Bowling center strikes out register errors with automated pay solution


At an entertainment venue like a bowling alley, the clamorous sounds of people having fun can also be distracting to employees. That makes it easy to overlook the cash denominations that customers give them or count out the wrong change. Hollywood Super Bowling management wanted to reduce errors at the register while allowing staff to focus on the customer experience instead of the transaction. An automated payment station would be ideal, but they needed one that could operate independently of their existing software’s interfacing requirements.

Hollywood Super Bowling managing partner Patrick Vollrath found that Crane Payment Innovation’s (CPI) Paypod™ pay station fit the bill perfectly. The simple, seamless automated payment solution links instantly to almost any existing POS system and automatically manages cash transactions from start to finish.

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Less stress leads to better service

Located in Munich, Germany, Hollywood Super Bowling offers 20 state-of-the-art bowling lanes, as well as darts, foosball tables and a Mexican restaurant. The business typically bustles with tournaments, leisure leagues, company events, and parties. The boisterous atmosphere can put a strain on employees.

Hollywood Super Bowling uses Paypod Hybrid pay station reduce errors automated cash solution

“In stressful situations, there’s always danger of miscalculating a customer’s change. We’ve also had to deal with people who try to take advantage of employees during these situations, which results in understandable but impactful errors,” Patrick explained. “Especially since the pandemic, we want make our employees’ daily work a bit easier and protect them — and our revenue — more effectively.”

The Paypod Hybrid pay station installed at Hollywood Super Bowling’s shoe rental counter accepts and validates cash from customers and instantly sorts the right change. It can even detect counterfeit bills. The secure, reliable unit features a streamlined design and is quick and easy for customers to use. And since employees don’t have to actually touch the money, the Paypod unit eliminates the need for daily cash reconciliation, further streamlining operations.

“In the past, it was best to schedule one or two dedicated staff members to work the cash register. Now, any available employee can assist customers at the POS, even temps or part-time workers,” Patrick said. “We don’t have to worry about discrepancies when balancing our register in the evening and can devote our more experienced employees to serving customers better. Even bathroom breaks are easier to coordinate now!”

We don’t worry about discrepancies when balancing our register and can serve customers better.

Paypod proves its own performance

Automated pay stations are an efficient and hygienic way for businesses to accept cash, and there are a lot of options to choose from. What made Patrick choose the Paypod solution? Design, system compatibility, and performance.
Paypod consolidates a high-speed note recycler, coin recycler, and POSlinq™ software application into a single, innovative unit. It can be installed directly on or embedded into a counter or display without any invasive changes. “The design is classy, robust and fits perfectly with our market and our brand,” Patrick said.

Seamless integration into any Windows POS system gets the unit up and running in less than an hour. “The POSlinq software takes care of everything and is independent of any interfacing requirements,” Patrick explained. “Our bowling software provider would never allow us to integrate third-party software into their closed system. POSlinq gave us a nifty and legal way around that restriction.”

A trial period gave Patrick the option to return the Paypod station free of charge if it didn’t meet their needs, but he soon became certain that the system was a keeper. “I had been afraid that our staff would have a hard time adapting and prepared a backup cash register just in case. We never had to use it,” he said. “During the trial period, they grew more and more comfortable with the new technology and we could see that it performed well in both common and unusual situations.”

Paypod Hybrid pay station helps German bowling alley reduce errors and serve customers better

The POSlinq software takes care of everything and is independent of any interfacing requirements.

Exceeding customer expectations

The results Patrick has seen with the Paypod system and the service he has received from the company have exceeded his expectations. “Our employees have more time now to engage with our customers to make sure they have a good experience and get feedback on areas where we could improve,” he said. “We’ve already recommended the Paypod solution to others many times!”

In turn, Patrick’s own experience as a customer has been a good one. “Past experience has made me cautious and I was afraid that the kind and open exchange with CPI’s support team would fade away once the sale was completed,” he explained. “I am happy to say that they are always there for us if we need them.”